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New Virginia-based Company Brings Retail Displays to Life

WILLIAMSBURG, VA, December 16, 2014—888 Brands LLC, a new company located near historic Williamsburg VA, has designed a new innovative patent pending display track that allows products to be displayed in a moving presentation on a “conveyor” track that moves them throughout the display.  The concept can be used on any product and there is no limit to size and scale that can be displayed on these display tracks.

Recently 888 Brands LLC worked closely with the team at Yankee Candle and created a display track to showcase their candles on a moving Winter Wonderland presentation, currently on display in their Williamsburg VA flagship store at 2200 Richmond Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23185. 888 Brands LLC is also working with a clothing retailer on a moving track presentation for their storefront window.  The moving display track will hold up to 12 mannequins and will circulate them from one end of their storefront window to the other side.

As 888 Brands LLC president Dan DeMartine states, “The great thing about our moving display tracks is that they catch the attention of all passersby, which is exactly their purpose. Studies have shown that moving displays get 10 times the attention and can account for a 3 times increase of sales, compared to the traditional static displays. Our moving displays safely rotate products as they move around the display tracks, allowing customers to see all sides of the items being displayed”.

888 Brands LLC can design and configure their patent pending modular display tracks for any retail stores that sell products like children toys, shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, wines, liquors, and electronics such as smart phones and tablets.  The product applications are limitless; if you can imagine it, 888 Brands LLC can build it.

888 Brands LLC realizes that floor space in retail stores is very valuable and many stores do not utilize all the vertical space available to them. To solve this problem, 888 Brands LLC is developing a vertical display track to display products in a circular fashion, allowing products to be presented to store customers in an exciting new way. According to President Dan DeMartine, “This system is truly an ‘attention getter’ and will make customers take a closer look at what is being displayed. The nice thing about this unique display is that it is only slightly more expensive than a traditional static display case.” 888 Brands LLC will also be introducing USB power outlets to its display tracks to allow electronic items to be powered on throughout the display presentation.

888 Brands LLC is a designer and producer of retail and event display tracks. They are located at 1715 Endeavor Drive, Williamsburg, VA.  For more information about their products or if you have an application in mind please contact them at 757-741-2056 or info@888brands.com. You can also visit their website at 888brands.com, currently under development, to learn more about the company and its products.

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